All-electric Rolls Royce plane takes the skies




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Market News

US Markets spiral in fear as Evergrande threatens assets.

Last Week’s Highlights

Rolls Royce’s electric plane takes flight

Rolls Royce, not to be confused with Rolls Royce Motorcars, which BMW owns, is now leading the entry of the air industry into the age of sustainable energy sources. On Wednesday, the company announced that the maiden flight of the ‘Spirit of Innovation’ was a success. It flew over the U.K for over 15 minutes, marking the start of extensive safety and functionality tests for this new technology. The company expects to reach speeds of 300 miles per hour with a robust energy pack. 

SpaceX launches tourists into space

The space race keeps heating up as the first tourists were sent to space by Elon Musk’s SpaceX on Wednesday last week. Four tourists were sent to space, as the first civilian crew ever to go to space commercially. The Inspiration 4 was launched from Florida’s Cape Canaveral station with a Cancer patient, a billionaire who self-funded the mission and a teacher. The capsule included provisions and food for a week, although touchdown was expected on Saturday if weather conditions allowed it. 

Coming Up This Week

Evergrande is up for massive default

Some companies are too big to fail, Evergrande should be one of those as even the risk of loan default could send Chinese markets into peril. And not only Chinese companies and debtors are to worry, if the real estate giant defaults on its loans, markets worldwide may be affected. On Monday markets were spiraling down with fears of Evergrande’s fall, and a crisis is expected if the worst fears are confirmed. 

August’s Consumer Report impresses the Street

Even as inflation has taken its toll on prices, retail consumers keep going to the stores in better numbers in the US as shown by an unexpected August consumer’s report. Ahead of the holiday season investors had their eyes fixed on this report, even before an important announcement on policy from the FED. Sales jumped a combined 1.8% but excluded important industries such as Auto manufacturers and air travel, due to semiconductor shortages and the delta variant respectively. 

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