Apple announces a new iPhone: How will it impact AAPL stock?

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Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a new lineup of its flagship product: the iPhone, along with new Ipads and Apple Watches. The announcement comes after very damaging events for the company, such as a judgment against AppStore policies in California and privacy concerns regarding their current operating system for iPhone.

Before the launch, the markets were watching closely as this announcement was also coming amid a severe crisis in semiconductor availability worldwide. Investors were keen to know when the new devices were being released and shipped to consumers as fears of delays or shortages due to the semiconductor crisis were abundant. However, despite the pandemic and economic crisis the world is going through, iPhone demand has remained healthy throughout the past year. This could mean that AAPL stock could benefit from a surge of sales starting the release of its new product lineup.

According to Apple, most devices will start shipping on September 25, 2021, or later in the fall. So naturally, this disseminates fears of delays in the chain of supply. Another fear stalking the company was a rise in product prices because of the tech industry’s shortages. However, all products in the new lineup are announced to have the same prices as their predecessors.

This year’s product lineup seems promising for the Cupertino-based giant as new features and significant advances in technology are expected to bring new customers and attract iPhone users to renew their devices in the short term. Orders for new products may start today, even though shipping will begin later in the month. The Apple Store will still sell versions of the past models, 11 and 12, along with the new iPhone 13. The most considerable advances for these devices are their battery lives, video capabilities, water resistance, and memory size. In addition, the largest iPhone Pro will feature up to 1TB in storage starting this generation.

During the day, despite the announcements, Apple Stock had lost value. From a close of $149 on Monday, the stock traded – at the time of writing- at around $147, meaning a loss of about 1.3%. Experts are still weighing the risks versus the advantages before forecasting what could happen to Apple stock; Sales and availability of the new products will mark the path.

Are you looking forward to the new iPhone? Let us know in the comments below.

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