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Last Week’s Highlights

Argentina Legalizes Abortion in a Historic Senate Vote

The South American country of Argentina has now legalized abortion, marking a major step for all of Latin America. While cities in Mexico have also legalized this procedure, the country as a whole does not recognize a woman’s right to choose. Since the Spanish colonization of LatAm, Catholicism and its interests have reigned. Now, through decades-long grassroots work, lobbyists for the religious cause against abortion appear to maintain less of a hold on politics in Argentina. 

The European Union and China Cut a Major Treaty

That’s right, just as 2020 had come to an end, the EU and China signed a major trade deal. This agreement focuses on investment and access to exclusive Chinese markets. And while this could spell great economic news for Europe, many have criticized China’s lack of regulation and enforcement of decent working conditions. Additionally, some economists aren’t sure that the deal really is as impressive as the EU would like to believe. 

Coming Up This Week

The UK’s Future, EU Free

Not only did the UK have to manage a pandemic in 2020, but also a major change in prime minister and a race to make a deal before Brexit. With Europe’s second wave of the coronavirus still moving through, celebrations heading into 2021 were limited. However, the United Kingdom doesn’t seem to be in the clear quite yet, despite finally reaching a trade deal with the European Union. In fact, the economy is expected to worsen still before it sees a rebound.

Russian Hacking to be Revealed in 2021

Perhaps all of 2020, Russian hackers were working away to undermine countries and companies around the world. Toward the end of the year, it started to become clear that some of their targets, including the US government and Fortune 500 companies, were meticulously attacked. Now, many are expecting that many more attempts, both successful and not, will come to light. 

More Things to Sip On…

A major player in keeping peace in the Middle East has stepped down.

Iran announces plans to enrich uranium.

When getting a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, remember not to mix.


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