Chinese company Evergrande: Too big to fail?

On Monday the world’s markets had a taste of what only the expectation of defaults from Chinese real estate mammoth Evergrande could cause. The Dow Jones tumbled hundreds of points to under 34k, the Nasdaq lost its record 15k mark for the first time in weeks, and the Hong Kong stock exchange navigated the day […]

AMC theatres accept cryptos as payment

US Theatre chain AMC announced that it will accept payment in many cryptocurrencies until the end of this year. Even as the SEC is moving fast towards stricter regulations on digital currencies, these remain a trend. More companies are starting to take them as a payment method for services and products in the US and […]

Apple announces a new iPhone: How will it impact AAPL stock?

Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a new lineup of its flagship product: the iPhone, along with new Ipads and Apple Watches. The announcement comes after very damaging events for the company, such as a judgment against AppStore policies in California and privacy concerns regarding their current operating system for iPhone. Before the launch, the […]

Litecoin plunges after fake Walmart partnership

Digital currency investors had a fresh dose of volatility this morning. Litecoin surged 25% after many news outlets announced that Walmart had sealed a partnership to accept the cryptocurrency as payment on all its stores. However, as the morning went on, many traders pointed out that Walmart’s announcement had not been verified and that the […]

El Salvador makes Bitcoin official

Nayib Bukkele’s government had announced the move in June, and now it has been signed into law. El Salvador is the first country to accept Bitcoin as legal currency, and it is now official along with the US dollar. Today, El Salvador, a small country in Central America, woke up with a new co-official currency. […]

Chromebooks to get their own chip: M1 trend replicated?

On Wednesday, Nikkei Asia reported that Google might be following Apple’s path and create a Central Processing Unit of its own to put on Chromebooks and other units such as cellphones and tablets that run on the Android operating system. Tech giants have become increasingly focused on providing themselves with every material they need to […]

South Korea to crack down on app store payments

New legislation approved by South Korea aims to regulate the control Google and Apple hold over app payments. The Asian markets are collectively aiming to create antitrust laws in this regard. Earlier Tuesday this week, South Korea’s legislature approved a law forbidding big tech from reinforcing policies that make it mandatory for developers to use […]