Editorial Line

For a long time, personal finance has been a complicated, confusing, and inaccessible topic for many. FlexInvest’s aim is to provide its audience with access to information on a variety of topics in the financial and economic realm in a concise and organized manner.

It does so by offering a variety of topics in its blog, FlexAcademy by FlexInvest, and by producing a weekly newsletter covering global news related to finance, economy, markets, and more. Our goals are to inspire, be honest, entertain and educate, be inclusive, and provide concise messages in every single piece of content that we create.

Our Editorial Principles and Ethics

FlexInvest looks to empower its users by providing them with relevant information regarding personal finance and investing in an easy-to-understand manner in every piece of content we create. The FlexInvest Editorial Team is committed to providing clear and accurate information free of political or economic bias.

The Team strives to create a digital environment in which inclusivity is key, bearing in mind globally-acknowledged protected categories including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, ability, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, and religion. 

Transparency and accountability are the Team’s priority, and while the information the Team provides is to its best knowledge at the times of writing and publication, the information provided to users cannot take the place of official advice, information, and recommendations by professionals.

Users should refer to certified legal, accounting, investing, business, and financial professionals before making decisions about their financial situation.


Our content is classified under the following categories:

Investing 101

Investing made simple and flexible. Here you will find articles with all kinds of investing tips, must-know concepts and useful guides that can help you start your investing journey.

Personal Finance

Have you ever considered how to apply financial principles in your personal life? All the way from making extra money to manage big budgets, these articles will guide you through a variety of ways you can manage your money.


A weekly newsletter to keep you connected with world news and help you understand how it all affects you and your finances.


The purpose of FlexAcademy is to summarize and make accessible information on a variety of topics within the world of investing and personal finance, and thus cannot be considered formal research or reports. All sources utilized to compile the FlexAcademy and its contents are considered trustworthy by the FlexInvest team. FlexInvest is not affiliated with and does not receive remuneration from the news sources used to compile the FlexAcademy articles. As well, any images or logos incorporated into the blog are not necessarily property of FlexInvest and may solely be included to provide context for the news covered. 

FlexAcademy content should not be used as recommendations to buy or sell any investment instrument, nor should they be used as a basis to make any investing, financial, tax, or banking decision. Any opinions shared through FlexAcademy and the NewsFlight are those of the FlexInvest team and do not represent the company.  When investing in securities or other financial products, there is always the potential to lose money or asset value. FlexInvest recommends that its users consider their investment objectives and risks before investing. Additionally, any projections or analysis made by authors of FlexAcademy cannot be considered as a promise of future trends or returns.