Pfizer booster shot against the Omicron



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Last Week’s Highlights

Three Pfizer shots can stop the Omicron

Research in Israel has found that Pfizer’s Covid booster shot protects people from the Omicron variant. The analysis was made by Sheba Medical Center and the Health Ministry’s Central Virology Laboratory. Blood samples from people vaccinated with the first two doses and people vaccinated with the booster dose were compared. According to Gili Regev-Yochay, director of the Infectious Diseases Unit at Sheba, people vaccinated with the first two doses are protected from Delta variant only, while. “The good news is that with the booster dose it increases about a hundred fold. There is a significant protection of the booster dose”, she mentioned. 

Oil prices increase amidst Omicron worries

Oil prices registered their highest weekly increase since august. Despite Omicron worries and its impact on different markets, oil demand has increased. Last Friday, reference indices such as the Brent and the US West Texas Intermediate had gains of approximately 8% after seven weeks. After several price dips, both increased by 73 cents, establishing Brent prices at $75.15 per barrel and WTI at $71.67 per barrel. Oil market has been recovering from the loss caused by the Omicron thanks to recent studies stating that booster shots offer protection from the new variant.

Coming Up This Week

Ford is working hard on Mustang EVs

Ford is expecting to triple its production of Mustang electric vehicles for 2023 in North America and Europe. “It’s hard to produce Mustang Mach-Es fast enough to meet the incredible demand, but we are sure going to try”, wrote Jim Farley, CEO of the company, in a tweet, explaining it is expected to reach more than 200,000 units per year for North America and Europe by 2023. The EV market is constantly growing; according to Automotive News, Ford postponed the production of Explorer and Lincoln Aviator to increase the production of electric Mustangs. Competition in the industry is fierce, including the participation of big companies like GM, Volkswagen, and Tesla.

The very first NFT-based ETF

The great popularity gained by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is leading to the creation of the first NFT ETFs by Defiance ETFs. In the third quarter of 2021, NFT trading increased to $10.7 billion, more than 700% than last quarter. This is why Defiance launched the Defiance Digital Revolution ETF, the very first exchange-traded fund listed on the market focused on NTFs. Sylvia Jablonski, CIO and co-founder of Defiance said: “The virtual sky is the limit for NFTs, and we wanted to provide investors with access to the theme in a simple and transparent way”. She moved on explaining that, similar to bitcoin, an investor can buy or create an NFT directly. It looks like NFTs are here to stay.

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Market News

Worries regarding the Omicron variant have caused volatility in global markets. In Europe, the STOXX 600 index fell 0.3% for the third consecutive session.

However, by the start of last week, it had two days of gains that caused a jump of 2.8%, the highest weekly increase since march.

Wild Card

The Peloton selloff caused by ‘Sex and the City’ reboot.

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