Russia and Ukraine move the markets





Nikkei 225


▼ -110.80 / -0.41%

SSE Composite


▲ +22.72 / +0.66%



▼ -648.62 / -0.57%

Straits Times


▲ +50.37 / +1.98%



▼ -430.53 / -0.82%

Dow Jones


▼ -232.85 / -0.68%

DAX 30


▼ -225.12 / -1.47%



▼ -59.04 / -0.10%

FTSE 100


▼ -23.75 / -0.32%

JSE Top 40


▲ +243.22 / +0.35%

Last Week’s Highlights

Russia-Ukraine conflict affects the market

Increased tension between Russia and Ukraine has caused volatility in the European stock market. The companies most affected are those with exposure to Russia and Ukraine including banks, oil companies, mining companies, and construction companies.

Some of the companies at risk are, for example, Nivea manufacturer Beiersdorf and French food giant Danone, which have around 6% of their sales in Russia. Similarly, the French video game company Ubisoft has 4% of its workforce in Ukraine, which would be greatly affected if the conflict escalates.

Microsoft being attacked by hackers

Microsoft Teams users have been warned that hackers are using the platform to propagate and spread malware. In chats within the app, hackers spread malware in .exe files. They write data to the Windows registry, install DLL files and create shortcut links that allow the program to run itself, according to cloud security firm Avanan.

If hackers manage to install malware on users’ computers, they can compromise an email address and use it to access Teams. Avanan encourages security professionals to implement a protection system and users, in general, to seek help if they find an unknown file.

Coming Up This Week

Meta announces upcoming mixed reality

A Meta Platforms executive attended a Zoom call with advertising agencies last Thursday. It was announced that mixed reality could be a few years away. There are cases of augmented reality today, for example with the Pokémon Go game. The difference is that players cannot affect the digital world with any physical object.

Mixed reality would allow users to wear a headset and use a real-world object to cause a reaction in the virtual world. Virtual reality headsets, such as Meta’s Oculus, immerse users in a fully virtual world where they can interact with the environment. Mixed reality is estimated to be a few years away, and will bring additional details to the construction of the metaverse.

Boeing delays hit American Airlines

The Boeing 787 is struggling, so American Airlines is forced to reduce its international flights, affecting its customers and the general public. American expected Boeing to deliver 13 of the 787 Dreamliners owed this year, but instead, they expect to receive only 10. The remaining three would be delivered in 2023.

Boeing has said 787 production will remain at a slow pace, but with an expectation of gradually returning to five per month over time. The aircraft maker took a $3.5 billion charge in the latest quarter due to delivery delays and customer concessions such as the one American Airlines is receiving. 

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July 8, 2024

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