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The competition in the car market will keep getting stronger in the upcoming years. There are many companies presenting very innovative ideas with their electric cars models, and there are others that have some setbacks in the way. One of these cases is the market’s leader, Tesla.

The American company has found several problems with some of their electric cars during this month. That’s why Tesla will recall almost 500,000 cars due to safety issues.

The Model 3 problem is that “the rearview camera cable harness may be damaged by the opening and closing of the trunk lid, preventing the rearview camera image from displaying”, said the National Highway Traffic Safety (NHTSA). On the other hand, the difficulties in closing the front hood of the Model S cars can lead the trunk to open and obstruct the driver’s view.

The NHTSA states that Tesla has confirmed there hasn’t been any injury, death, or accident reported that was caused by any of the discovered issues on these cars.

The federal regulator has been discussing many other issues found on Tesla’s electric cars. Because of this situation, in the morning, the US electric car manufacturer’s shares fell 3%; however, they recovered and rebounded up to a price of $1,088.76.

The cars about to be recalled are models from 2014 up to 2021. The NHTSA has been paying close attention to around 580,000 cars due to many issues. One of the main problems was that videogames were allowed on the screens while the car was moving. This could lead up to many accidents, so Tesla adopted changes on the cars’ software so no videogames are allowed while the vehicle isn’t parked.

The NHTSA has also found issues with the driver assistance system Autopilot, with the touch-screens inside the vehicles, and with the side view cameras in some cars. That’s how Tesla has run into 2,301 warranty claims and also 601 field reports due to the problems discovered in the electric cars.

Do you think that Tesla’s leadership in the car market is in danger? What other company do you think will be able to overcome it?

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