Will Netflix stock keep on surging?

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netflix stock

Netflix, the well-known streaming platform, has been in the spotlight recently due to its efforts to revitalize its business and expand its subscriber base. These initiatives have impressed investors and have led to a notable increase in the company’s stock price. However, the question arises as to whether this period of growth for Netflix is coming to an end.

Netflix rally

In the last three months, Netflix’s stock has experienced a 32% increase, reaching the year-to-date increase of 45%. This performance has been well received by investors, who have praised the measures taken by the company to address password sharing and its plan to introduce advertising.

These actions have generated optimism around the company, which has already been reflected in the stock price.

In the first quarter, Netflix ended with 232.5 million paid subscriptions worldwide, representing a 4.9% increase compared to the same period last year. The measures implemented by the company to combat password sharing are expected to boost subscriptions further and generate higher revenues. Earlier this year, Netflix revealed that over 100 million households were sharing accounts, so the ban on password sharing is expected to increase revenues.

Furthermore, there is an emerging technology that could further drive Netflix’s growth: virtual reality (VR). As VR begins to gain momentum again, Netflix is expected to benefit from seeking to pioneer new innovative forms of home entertainment.

Netflix to take advantage of VR

Netflix stocks have experienced steady growth in recent years, and the widespread adoption of VR could prolong that upward trend. Despite the challenges VR has faced before due to hardware limitations and the lack of truly impressive experiences, technological advancements and the release of Apple’s Vision Pro headset could lead VR to become a dominant technology.

During a mature video streaming market, Netflix has managed to maintain its position as the undisputed leader. However, with growing competition and consumers’ limited budgets, the company has sought ways to innovate and differentiate itself. As VR becomes cutting-edge technology, Netflix has the opportunity to explore new ways of creating immersive entertainment content and maintaining its market leadership.

Although Netflix has not announced concrete plans to enter the VR content market, it would not be surprising if it does so in the coming years, especially if the adoption of VR headsets reaches a critical point.

Netflix’s recent release of a virtual reality trailer for the series Stranger Things could be an indication of its intentions. Games and immersive experiences could be key to convincing consumers to acquire a VR headset, and Netflix, with its expertise in audiovisual content, could succeed in this new area.

Is Netflix stock a buy?

High expectations for Netflix’s results, due to its strategic focus on the advertising business and the fight against account sharing, suggest that stocks could continue to grow. However, it is important to note that there is also the possibility of a drop after the earnings report, as it is impossible to predict the market’s reaction with certainty.

In the long term, Netflix stocks seem to be an attractive investment, although it is recommended to consider them as a small and diversified part of an investment portfolio.

Regarding Wall Street’s general opinion, there is cautious optimism surrounding Netflix stocks, as they are given a “Moderate Buy” rating. While opinions are mixed, with some analysts recommending hold or sell, the majority believe that the stocks have growth potential.

The average target price for Netflix stocks is $406.26, implying a possible decrease of 7.8%. However, there is also a wide range of target prices, from a minimum of $230.00 to a maximum of $535.00 per share.

Netflix has managed to impress investors with its efforts to revive its business and increase its subscriber base. Although there is uncertainty about whether Netflix’s bullish period will continue, the company is in a strong position with its focus on combating password sharing and its potential adoption of virtual reality as a new form of entertainment.

Although the market is volatile, many analysts have an optimistic outlook and believe that Netflix stock still has growth potential for the future. Will this be the case, or do you think the streaming giant’s stocks will stagnate?

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